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In all his glory -- Intro to Glamnation Tour 9/17/10

Tags: cale likes drummers, carps, he looks like brad from the neck down, isaac looks like kris allen, it's a trout!, kraac, terrance is the spirit guide, that guy looks like brad from the neck d, that guy looks like kris allen, tiny drummer, tomaac, walking around with a can of tuna fish
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Here's a pretty from twitter

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oh that's a lovely picture :D
Ooh, that's probably the best pic of him I've seen so far.
What a great pic! Best I've seen so far.
Um, I approve of this so much!
I'm just in the door and the tags are feckin cracking me up already!!
She's not lying! :P
:D I am a fan of them myself!

Isaac/Tommy comment!fic


September 22 2010, 02:45:37 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  September 22 2010, 02:45:57 UTC

This is now a Carpliff community? LOL! I initially posted this at TL the night of Isaac's first show.


The bottle of Jack is almost empty, and just about everyone else has gone to bed. Isaac’s tempted to do the same, but the sway of the bus in motion is making him a little scared to get up from his seat on the couch so he leans his head back against the wall and closes his eyes and tries not think about how much liquor he just drank, or how he’s still feeling hot and sweaty from being on stage (or maybe it’s from the booze) and he doesn’t even want to put his shirt back on. All the paps bullshit aside, it was a good first show, even if the tempo was fast and he knows they’ll have to run through it again a few times tomorrow. But Monte is cool to work with and they’ll get it figured out.

He’s thinking about trying to get up when he feels a hot hand on his thigh and he tips his head forward and opens his eyes. Tommy’s standing over him with the last little bit of Jack in the bottle in his hand. “Last shot,” he says, slurry and smirky and he really is pretty with all that eyeshadow on.

“I’m good,” Isaac manages. “Should go lay down.”

“Nope, not till you do the last shot,” Tommy insists, and puts his knee up on the couch on one side of Isaac’s leg. “It’s your first night. You gotta.”

“Tommy,” Isaac starts protesting, but he’s never been much of a protester. He really prefers to just go with the flow.

“C’mon, open up,” Tommy says, all cooing and coercive, and now his other knee is up on the couch too and he’s straddling Isaac. He’s got the bottle in one hand and he slides the other up the line of Isaac’s jaw to tip his head back. Tommy’s eyes are intent on Isaac’s mouth, and when he brings his thumb up to pull Isaac’s lower lip open, slips it just inside his mouth a little, Isaac decides that this is one of those times he should just let things happen.

Tommy tips the bottle up and pours the stinging liquid into Isaac’s mouth. It’s more than it looked like in the bottle and a little trickles down the corner of Isaac’s mouth as he tries to swallow it all.

He looks up to see if Tommy’s satisfied, and he looks anything but. His eyes are darker now and hungry, and he leans down and licks up the side of Isaac’s cheek before running his tongue along Isaac’s lips. Isaac can’t help but gasp, and Tommy takes the opening to push into Isaac’s mouth. His tongue is hot and they both taste like whiskey and then his hand is on the back of Isaac’s head pulling him deeper into the kiss, and Isaac’s not really sure what to do so he puts his hands on Tommy’s hips and kisses back, sloppy but sexy and on top of being pretty Tommy’s a damn good kisser. Isaac doesn’t know how long they make out, just lips and tongues and hands up bare chests and under thin t-shirts, but they don’t break apart until the empty bottle clatters to the floor, dropped somewhere along the way. Isaac’s panting but Tommy just grins at him as he climbs off the couch. He picks up the bottle and tosses it in the trash. Before he disappears through the doorway toward the back of the bus, Tommy turns and winks over his shoulder. “Nice job tonight,” he says, coy and with a raise of his eyebrow. “Welcome to the band.”
Nice!!!! I choose to believe this is what happened, it's part of the initiation. Now, you need to write some more, lol.